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We provide Airport Valet Parking services for those looking to leave and retrieve their vehicles safely during and after flights abroad. If you are departing, simply call us or fill the Online form and send it to us to make a booking at least 30 minutes prior to arriving at the airport. Once you’re there, one of our Car Jockeys will meet you and park your vehicle at the parking space designated for your vehicle.

If you have just arrived at the airport, please give us a call once you’ve collected your luggage and passed customs. One of our Car Jockeys will be ready to receive you and pass your car back to you. Alternatively, if you have provided your return flight details to us previously, we can track the status of your flight and wait for your arrival accordingly too.

We have the UK’s 4 major airports covered – Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Birmingha

Upon filling the Online form, you can make a secure transaction with your Credit/Debit Card on our website.

No, there will be no additional charges incurred to your Credit/Debit Card when you pay for SmartFly online.

Yes, all fees are inclusive of VAT.

Upon making a successful booking, you will receive an automated e-mail notifying you of your booking, along with the payment made and a unique Booking Reference Number. This shall account as proof of your booking.

If you have provided us your flight details, we will be able to monitor its status and make adjustments to our schedule accordingly. If any changes or delays have occurred personally from your end, kindly inform us in advance so that we can subsequently re-allocate our Car Jockeys without incurring any downtime.

You need to inform us of the same at least 24 hours in advance, and we will then refund your booking fees after charging a £20 levy from it. However, we regret to inform you that failure to inform us before 24 hours of the scheduled date of the booking shall result in no refunds being made.

No, but it would be highly appreciated if you can inform us of any delays during reception, so that our Car Jockeys do not have to wait for long periods and incur any downtime.

All our Car Jockeys will be wearing their uniforms with embroidered SmartFly logos and carrying SmartFly IDs with them too.

We are seasoned veterans in the business of delivering premium Airport Valet Parking services in 4 major international airports across the UK, and have served thousands of clients till date - most of whom are returning customers as well. What’s more, all our Car Jockeys are fully insured to attain maximum assurance in protecting your vehicle, should any unlikely events occur.

Yes, all our Car Jockeys are insured with fully fledged Car Jockey Insurance from Britain’s leading insurance companies.